SeanCon 2013

Things you might be wondering

Is this a joke?

It is not technically a joke. No more a joke than every day of life on Earth.

What did I get for $30?

Mostly this.

My favorite tech personalities were there?

I dunno. Maybe. Who are your favorite? Nick D was there.

What's the schedule for this thing?

Depending on how many people participate there will be between 1 and 3 hours of talks, demonstrations, and activities. Then there will be tacos. Throughout the afternoon there will be beer. There will be a pull-up competition at the end of the night.

May I give a talk?

Maybe next year.

Are you sure $30 is enough to fund this awesome event?

There are certain fixed costs and certain incremental costs. I'm not in this for the money anyway. Invite your friends if you want SeanCon to be a success.

Why is the Ultra Ticket worth $1000?

Oh, it is not worth $1000. The Ultra Ticket entitles the bearer to one free hug and breakfast in bed. It's probably worth about $45. Please don't buy it.

Why is this happening?

Two of my friends asked me to go to a stupid event with stupid "lightning talks". I suggested I pay them $5 each instead of going to the stupid event. Thus SeanCon was born.